VOA Affiliation

he VOA is dedicated to improving the management of Osteoarthritis in veterinary practice. To help achieve this aim we have created the VOA Learning Academy and VOA Practice Affiliation Scheme. The objective is to provide support and to guide interested practices towards best practice in Canine Osteoarthritis (OA) Management.  The aim of the VOA Practice Awards Scheme is to encourage the following:

  1. Knowledge (Learning)
  2. Training and clinic set-up (Training and Prep)
  3. Competence in delivering management (Delivery)
  4. Skills in assessment (Demonstrable Skills)
  5. Ability to involve pet-owners (Client Involvement)
  6. Record keeping and assess outcome (Evidence) 

As the levels of VOA Accreditation increase, so will the amount of dedication and interest in OA that your practice has. Evaluation will be made on material submitted by the practice.  Awards are available in the following categories:

VOA Blue Paw Award Individual Member successfully completing  the competency examination

VOA Bronze Paw Award Level 1 Practice Award

VOA Silver Paw Award Level 2 Practice Award

VOA Gold Paw Award Level 3 Practice Award

Individuals‘ registration and membership allows access to all the online learning material and an opportunity to take the examination. It is open to veterinary clinicians, veterinary nurses and veterinary rehabilitation professionals.

Practice Awards are open to veterinary practices who have at least 2 members of staff who are VOA members and have Blue Paw Awards.

NB: VOA membership will require personal contact details plus details of your qualifications to enable us to check that you work in the veterinary field.

Click here for further information on what is required for VOA Affiliation

Click here to become a VOA member to access all the online CPD zone and exam