Further Information for VOA Affiliation

Individual Affiliation: 

Blue Paw

Vet/RVN/Therapist requirements: Evidence of learning – Pass Online test with a pass mark of 75%

Client information: The individual has an interest in the management of OA and has undertaken extra training on the subject of OA with proven knowledge assimilation. 

Practice Affiliation

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Assessments for Awards

Assessment will be based on a portfolio of submitted material showing evidence from the practice aimed at identifying how the practice is delivering arthritis management. There is a list of standard submissions to be completed; to facilitate this process set templates will be supplied for guidance.

The submitted documents will include:

  • Practice Plan for OA Management (How we manage OA)

  • Equipment list and tools used for OA management

  • OA Cases Log

  • OA Case Reports

  • Endorsements from other professionals involved in care delivery (physio etc..)

  • Endorsements from pet owners with pets in case log